Any shopper who has been to IKEA knows that it is more than the average store. Products are not just displayed; they are arranged to present an enticing immersive showroom. Guests are led from setup to setup before they ever reach the more “normal” retail aspect of the store. Even then, IKEA provides a cafe with refreshments and additional displays for some of its smaller products.

IKEA’s design isn’t due to some lark of creativity. Online shopping is eating into the retail space. Data from the National Retail Federation showed that over half of consumers now prefer to shop online. A growing number of individuals have begun embracing subscription shipping services like Blue Apron – having their products delivered en mass when needed.

The growing e-commerce sector is driven by one aspect above all others: convenience. Consumers enjoy being able to accomplish their shopping needs without having to get dressed up or spend money commuting to a location. Physical retail locations cannot hope to match this.

Which brings back IKEA, a company smart enough to realize not to try. IKEA does not prioritize convenience; instead, it opts for experience. Here is where retail locations still have the edge. A well-designed in-store experience can drive shoppers to a location. According to GPShopper, nearly 90 percent of consumers respond favorably to this notion. Of course, the best experiences have quality in-store signage like end caps and floor graphics.

“Products placed at the end of an aisle are considered highlighted.”

The attention-grabbing power of end caps
Of course, shopping relies on signage. Consumers like to know price, the state of a sale and other info. Store owners can also employ subtle visual cues. When products are placed at the end of an aisle, they are considered highlighted. After all, these areas see heightened foot traffic and feature prominently in customer vision as they pass these areas more frequently.

While the product packaging will do some of the work, effective end cap displays are eye-catching.   Additionally, allowing the customer to touch, feel, and try the product right at the point of sale is an interactive and engaging way to sell that buying online can’t match. Even if the item isn’t on sale, stressing its price may make the customer believe he or she is getting a bargain.

Of course, end caps can do more than sales. Think back to IKEA: One of the store’s primary eye-level signs is its map, which orients shoppers and helps the focused ones reach their target destinations sooner. End cap signage is versatile and customizable and can be used effectively to both promote products and guide shoppers.

End cap displays are innately eye-catching, driving consumer interest to a point of sale.
End cap displays are innately eye-catching, driving consumer interest to a point of sale. This type of graphic display can propel promotional sales and convey other important information to customers.

How floor graphics direct traffic
However, floor graphics may be the ultimate in directional signage. Anyone who has ever been to a trade show has likely noticed arrows on the ground, punctuated by occasional corporate branding. Once again, an experience store like IKEA places arrows on the ground to help guide consumers. These images are effective because they are universal symbols not affected by the restrictions of consumer literacy or language proficiency.

That said, floor graphics share the same customizable usage as other graphic design choices. They can be used to welcome guests into the store, provide quirky trivia on popular products and enhance shopper participation.

Of course, retail graphic displays of any kind become more effective with higher levels of quality construction. This goes double for floor graphics. Due to their placement, poorly made floor signage that peels up can be dangerous  and reflect poorly on the in-store experience. The last thing a store owner wants is for a shopper to trip. NGS Printing uses a specialized adhesive vinyl that is easy to remove but also lasts for weeks to months under foot traffic.


All of our products are made of high quality material designed to attract attention in stores. If you decide to partner with NGS Printing, know that you will be gaining experience, dedication and commitment to help turn your store into a modern shopping experience that will remain profitable in the coming years.