Decals are easily recognizable in the automotive world. Customized logos frequently dot motorcycles, sponsorships cover race cars and almost everyone has seen a bumper sticker. However, decals serve a much larger purpose than simply getting politicians elected. These stickers function as effective tools in promoting brand awareness and increasing consumer loyalty across industries.

The original way to ‘like’ something
Ambassador and Nielsen’s Harris Poll recently teamed up to record survey responses on referral marketing techniques. The results were consistent with previous Nielsen data – roughly 80 percent of respondents stated that they seek out a referral from a trusted source before making a decision.

Word-of-mouth was the original marketing method. Despite this fact, it remains highly effective. People want advice in all matters – personal and business – before making a purchase. This is where decal marketing shines.

With their small size and adhesive nature, decals can be almost anywhere – a car, a window or a laptop. Long before social networks allowed users to “like” things, people and businesses were already doing it, albeit in a more limited, physical way.

Decal marketing is effective precisely because it turns the owner into a marketer. Anyone displaying Apple’s white logo sticker that comes along with every iPhone purchase is arguing for the brand, albeit in a subtle way. Given that these pieces are conversation starters, this subtle marketing may quickly turn into direct word-of-mouth referral.

Decals can be applied to and removed from glass effortlessly, making them effective storefront signage.
Decals can be applied to and removed from glass effortlessly, making them effective storefront signage.

Promotion and product
It sounds strange to think that Apple decals exist since they don’t relate to or directly enhance an iPhone or Mac at all. In the end, it all relates to creating additional brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

For a product to sell, it must be known. That is the core principle behind marketing efforts. Inform the consumer of an item or service then sell on its value. While most decals are too small to effectively accomplish the latter, they do an excellent job of the former. Lenskold Group likened the process to finding the first half of a $100 bill.

However, effectively designed decals on quality material can be product and promotion. Pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed vinyl, a common substance that decals are printed on, has longevity and can last years in the right location. A high-resolution image made from ultraviolet inks will ensure the decal not only lasts but also stands out.

Think back to the bumper sticker image – some people carry those on their cars for the duration of ownership. A well-designed decal could equal years of publicity.

Effective marketing applications
Part of decals’ longstanding popularity comes from their versatility. This form of graphic signage can be used anywhere and are especially useful when there are no alternative ways to fix a graphic onto a surface.  Think: vehicle wraps, floor graphics, window signage, machine panel overlays, or even safety / warning labels for machine equipment. While large, they are technically still decals because they are printed graphics on adhesive vinyl. . Retail locations with glass storefronts can highlight sales or new items, as well as design and display likeable mascots. A piece of construction equipment can showcase the name of its manufacturer and designer. Every level of business can make some use of decals.

Some of the largest and most frequently updated decals reside on airplanes, buildings and vehicles, typically promoting new Hollywood releases, a major event or a corporate brand. Obviously, this approach, while flashy, is not for smaller organizations looking to maximize awareness. However, other alternatives remain. After all the mission is the same: create brand awareness and customer loyalty.

When designing and creating decals, choose a partner with experience and a reputation for quality product construction. NGS Printing has the equipment, such as our precision digital die cutting equipment and high quality printing capabilities, to craft durable, high-definition decals that will be eye-catching and accomplish your advertising goals.