There are few industries like the restaurant sector. Restaurants can boom while the economy shrinks and starve during periods of increased spending. Essentially, they are in a financial structure all their own. Of course, restaurants are still affected by many of the same factors that influence other businesses’ success.

The best restaurant in the world may very well fail if it is 20 miles into the middle of nowhere or every dish is priced over $1,000. Unfortunately, many restaurant operations shutter for other, less apparent reasons. There is no single cause plaguing the industry. However, while failure is clouded, success is more clear. Restaurants, arguably more than other industries, depend on effective advertising and positive marketing presence, both inside and outside of the location.

Being a successful restaurant owner can hinge on your ability to properly deploy in-store signage, which will have a plethora of positive effects on the consumer experience.

“Signage can reduce the customer’s perceived weight time.”

The benefits of in-restaurant signage
According to Sign World, there are several primary benefits of in-restaurant graphic displays. First and foremost, signage can reduce the customer’s perceived weight time. For those consumers who arrive at a restaurant during peak business hours or at a time of employee shortage, the experience can feel drawn out and dull, especially without distractions. Even at a fast food establishment, customers can become bored standing in line.

This is one of the primary reasons that fast food restaurants make their signage so readily available. Customers with nothing better to do but wait can educate themselves on an establishment’s product line, learning the name, description and price of every meal. Effective images can also induce hunger, motivating a patron toward a food that he or she might not have otherwise picked.

For those restaurant owners who wish to have signage truly stand out, translite graphics illuminate signage from behind, letting the customer easily read the information regardless of other lighting conditions or time or day. A well backlit display can even draw attention to certain parts of the menu to boost sales.

At sit-down restaurants, owners may want to use translites more sparingly, but this does not mean that there aren’t a variety of signage choices to entertain and enlighten. A popular form of graphic display is the “table tent,” or counter card, which is typically set on each table open to consumers. While these graphics don’t contain full menu information, they are useful to highlight certain sales and promotions. These standees make for effective exclamations that rapidly bring a few informational bits to the customer’s attention.

Another valuable piece of in-restaurant signage is the poster. While establishments can obtain generic graphics from popular movies, customized poster signage interweaves the restaurant branding into a famous or culturally significant display. While typically not very informative, posters serve as pleasant atmosphere enhancement and distraction. A long wait time can feel shorter with the right poster displays highlighting the background. For fast food places with limited wall space, window graphics can accomplish many of the same functions, while also appealing to customers outside of the restaurant.

In-restaurant signage can complete a multitude of tasks simultaneously when done well. Customers will be entertained and informed, while speeding their interactions with servers and increasing the overall efficiency of the restaurant.

While every menu informs, products like these rely on external factors to determine their readability. Translite signage can be read in virtually any lighting conditions.
While every menu informs, products like these rely on external factors to determine their readability. Translite signage can be read in virtually any lighting conditions.

Signage is a tool for restaurants of all sizes
According to the Balance, there are a multitude of reasons that a restaurant may shut down. While location is the most obvious, it is not the only hindrance. The restaurant industry is crowded. According to the National Restaurant Association’s annual report, there are well over 1 million active restaurants in the U.S. This high number of establishments naturally breeds competition. Being in the right place doesn’t matter if there is another flashier establishment close by.

One fact revealed by the National Restaurant Association report may surprise some owners. Of the million plus locations in the U.S., seven out of every 10 are single-unit operations. Nine in 10 have fewer than 50 total employees. This means that the smaller establishments far outnumber the chains they may be afraid of. It also means that the advertising field is not as cluttered by mega-millionaires as first believed.

While smaller establishments can’t compete with chains in terms of overall resource amount, choosing the right printing partner to create effective in-restaurant signage will go a long way. Quality is paramount for in-restaurant signage. A poorly set up translite may be unreadable and an overly glossy poster will only shine at customers’ eyes.

When investing in a signage printing partner, NGS Printing has a reputation that will align with many smaller restaurant’s business needs. Our printers do not waste resources as they create a product worthy of restaurant display. We have the hardware and talented personnel to deliver premier signage that will satisfy the client on the first try. Contact NGS Printing today to learn more about how our staff can work with you to create the ideal indoor signage for your restaurant.