The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak took us all by surprise. What’s more, the risks of this global pandemic are still rampant. While most everyday activities found a way to operate online, many retailers had an opportunity to open their doors to customers under the condition of respecting and following all safety measures.

However, ensuring all your employees and customers respect the safety measures isn’t as easy as it sounds. With large shops and warehouses, it’s next to impossible to track every person’s behavior.

Therefore, the appropriate COVID-19 signage for retailers might be exactly what you’re looking for.

COVID-19 Signage Choices

As a retailer, you can choose from a variety of signage choices to convey your messages. NGS Printing understands the importance of communicating the message and the importance of producing high-quality, aesthetic, eye-catching, and detailed retail signs displaying a clear message.

Because of that, you can choose from several retail signage options we recommend for communicating COVID-19 messages. These will ensure that your message is seen and heard during the remainder of the pandemic.

  • Window Graphics

One of the most popular and useful ways to convey a message is by using adhesive-backed window signage.  Signage placed on windows or doors viewable upon entry ensures that your employees and customers receive warnings and policies prior to entry, reminding them of the latest changes and requirements they need to be aware of before entering the store.

  • Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are found extremely useful in helping people better envision 6-foot spacing for social distancing purposes.  Retailers with many aisles such as grocery or hardware stores find floor graphics helpful for directing people down one-way traffic aisles.  Floor graphics can be engineered for concrete, asphalt, ceramic tile, VCT, and even carpet.

  • Hanging Signs

Any important and valuable message is best putting up high because your patrons are looking often in the distance or scanning the store landscape where people tend to look up, instead of down. Using elevation with hanging signs to your advantage may be something worth considering by printing a reminder that is important to your local mandates or company policy.  

How to use COVID-19 signage

Providing a safe environment for your employees and customers should be your top priority as long as necessary. There’s some crucial information everyone visiting your store should remember, including:

  • Mask Requirements

Retail signs are a great way to remind your visitors about the mask requirements in indoor spaces. Depending on your local mandates and also are always changing, there’s always someone who forgets their mask in a car or loses it along the way.

Putting this sign at the entrance will ensure that all your customers have their masks ready before entering the closed space.

  • Social Distancing

Social distancing is something people keep forgetting about, especially when they find themselves in crowded spaces or waiting lines. Floor signage is an excellent way to make sure your visitors respect the social distancing rules by marking the spots where they need to stand.

  • Modified Operating Hours

With labor shortages and other COVID-19 measures, retailers had to change their opening hours frequently. No one was able to memorize the changes taking place daily, so using the retail signage to remind the customers about the updated working hours will help them better organize their next visit to your store.

Final thoughts

All in all, COVID-19 retail signage will enhance the customer experience and show you care about the safety of both your customers and employees.

Choose NGS Printing to design high-quality, colorful, attention-grabbing, and long-lasting retail signs. Using the latest equipment and technology, we can make your vision come to life and keep your employees and customers safe in the meantime.