Your business must always be abreast of current design trends to create successful, eye-catching displays. Even if you work with a professional design team, knowing what’s in helps you make the right visual decisions for your brand. Here are four design trends to keep in mind throughout the new year:

1. Street style
As evidenced by high-profile fashion collections like Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma and the fast spread of yoga pants, street style is in the middle of a revival that is only expected to continue in 2017. Use this to your advantage and incorporate models wearing casual yet stylish clothing in your displays. As Creative Bloq mentioned, incorporating street style gives your displays a candid, approachable feel. If your graphic is mostly text based, use graffiti or handwritten fonts for exciting, street-based focal points.

“Bright colors are typically associated with happy, positive feelings.”

2. Bright colors and flat design
Design Bombs, a resource for web designers, noted the shift toward bright colors arose with the popularity of flat design. For the past few years, flat graphics consumed the world wide web and mobile design. Digital trends often precede physical ones,  so get ahead and incorporate some of these elements into your physical designs. It’s common knowledge that certain hues convey different emotions –  for example, bright colors are typically associated with happy, positive feelings. They’re also exceptionally eye-catching when paired with minimalist spaces that echo flat design. Create POP graphics and displays with sharp color transitions and a limited palette to combine the best of both styles.

3. Blending photos and illustrations
Combining realistic photos with custom drawings adds an extra element of whimsy to a graphic. An illustration is an easy, inexpensive way to take a photo from basic to retro, modern, grunge, techno or any other style you choose. This adds visual interest, Design Bombs said, and makes your display more memorable.

4. Extreme font sizes
Juxtaposing large and small text is another trend that originated within online and mobile design. Varying font size is an easy way to establish hierarchy, and pushing this idea to the extreme creates an eye-catching focal point and ensures displays are visible from a distance.

Keep in mind that a bad printer makes small text illegible. Partnering with a high-quality print service ensures your font is readable at almost any size. This way, you can still convey fine details and legal notes without sacrificing the overall look of your graphic.