In-store signage is crucial for increasing brand recognition and keeping retail customers engaged as they browse. Yet space in stores is constantly at a premium. Having too many standing signs reduces the area available for products and makes it hard for customers to maneuver around. A business could install more hanging signs, but this area is usually reserved for aisle markers. A few hanging advertisements are okay, but having too many is visually confusing and makes it hard for customers to figure out the section they’re in.

When space is limited, retailers can take advantage of these three areas to capture the attention of in-store shoppers:


“Vinyl graphics are a great option for retailers on a budget.”

1. Floors

Instead of looking forward or up, stores should look straight down. The floor is a great space for advertising – the area is easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl floor graphics are inexpensive compared to other displays, making them a great option for retailers on a budget. What’s more, floor graphics can be better at generating sales than standard displays. According to, looking down narrows a customer’s focus and frees him or her from distraction. Moments like these make a huge difference when it comes to capturing a sale.

2. Windows

Window graphics are also relatively inexpensive, and they transform a dull store exterior into something eye catching and full of color. Today’s window clings are easy to switch out, so stores can advertise seasonal sales or other limited-time events right on the building without worrying about scraping the graphic off or leaving any residue behind. Plus, as Quickbooks detailed, outdoor signs usually require a permit – or at least approval from the neighbors and landlord. Window clings can display the same information without the hassle.

3. Counter tops

The counter mat is a store’s last chance to capture the customer’s attention before the purchase is made. It’s a great place to put essential information, such as a store’s return policy, rewards program or upcoming promotions. Stores can also use counter cards and mats to display inventory that customers commonly purchase as a last-minute impulse in an effort to generate more sales.