Print isn’t dead, despite the focus on internet marketing.

In fact, sometimes it’s best to combine the two for a multichannel marketing campaign.

Here are two ways to make the most of your print and online marketing.

One: Look for ways to combine your physical displays with your customers’ love of social media.

Have them take selfies with your POP graphics and upload them with a hash tag.

You can also create custom Snapcodes – a handy, Snapchat-only feature similar to QR codes – to bring customers to your website.

Two: Try adding a call to action to your printed graphics.

These are common in emails, landing pages and blog posts, but they’re useful in the print world, too.

Use a counter card to encourage customers to sign up for your email list, or direct them to your business home page in a poster. 

You don’t always have to mix digital and print, but combining the two can lead to strong, successful marketing campaigns.